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Real (reusable) nappies

More information about reusable nappies and our £30 voucher scheme:

Did you know:

  • Every day Gloucestershire residents throw away over 86,000 disposable nappies!
  • Disposing of disposable nappies costs Gloucestershire over £100,000 per year!
  • Disposable nappies which end up in landfill could take up to 500 years to rot away!

Why should you choose real nappies? 

  • Reduce waste - your family can cut its waste in half by switching to real nappies
  • Kinder to the environment - reusable nappies produce fewer greenhouse gases in their production and use than disposable nappies
  • Save money - you can save up to £600 by switching to reusable nappies. A baby uses about half a tonne of disposable nappies (about 5,000) from birth to potty (2.5 years average)


Real nappy talks and drop-in sessions

Come and meet Kirstie or Lucy, the Real Nappy project outreach workers, who can show you samples, discuss the advantages of real nappies, answer any questions you may have about buying them and how to get £30 off the cost. They are also happy to answer questions once you have bought your nappies, on things like fitting, washing and overnight use.Babies wearing real nappies

Talks and drop-ins: forthcoming events and locations

The talks are drop-in sessions and are open to anyone to attend. There is no charge.

If you would like someone to come along to your group to give a talk please email

Discount vouchers, special offer packs, loan kits and talks are offered to residents of Gloucestershire.



Vouchers and special offers

We offer a £30 money-back voucher which can be used against the purchase of real nappies.

To be eligible for the voucher you must:

  • Live within the county of Gloucestershire
  • Only make one application per household/family (unless you have twins)
  • Have a baby under 24 months old or be expecting
  • Commit to spending at least £50 on real nappies

You also need to be willing to be contacted a few months after you start using your nappies to help us evaluate the effectiveness of the incentive scheme.

There are three ways you can use your real nappy voucher:

  • Apply for your voucher online or by post, then use it to order a discount pack (see below); or
  • Buy your nappies and claim your £30 back; or
  • Apply for your voucher and then purchase real nappies.

To apply for your nappy voucher online, go to:
Online application: Real Nappy Incentive scheme.
You will need to attach a copy of your MAT B1 or baby's birth certificate. Please allow up to 28 days for delivery.

We accept applications from adoptive and foster parents. Please contact regarding alternative evidence documents.


Real nappy special offer packs

GRNP works with three suppliers to offer the following discount packs. The packs are 'birth to potty' (0 - 2.5 years). For just £20 plus your £30 voucher, you can choose to receive one of the discount packs which would normally retail at £80 - £100. (Please note: there is an additional £3.95 shipping charge for Close Parent packs).

Please apply for your voucher before contacting either of these suppliers:

This special offer nappy pack from TotsBots includes:

  • 3 x Print Easyfits (all in one)
  • 1x Print PeeNut pack (wrap and pads. This is the wrap for the Bamboozle nappy too)
  • 1x Bamboozle Stretch s2 (night nappy)
  • 1 x roll of disposable liners
  • 1 x wet nappy bag
  • Includes carriage
  • PLUS - 10% off your next order

(Nappies will normally be prints but occasionally plain colours may be substituted).

Apply for your £30 voucher using the Online application: Real Nappy Incentive scheme form. Put on the form that you want your voucher send direct to TotsBots. When it has been processed an electronic copy will be sent to them, and they will ring you to ask you to make your payment of £20. They will then dispatch your nappies within 5 days.
Or, if you already have your discount voucher, please post your voucher to:

TotsBots Ltd 
Unit 2 
M8 Business Complex 
259 Summerlee Street
Glasgow G33 4DB

…providing your delivery address and contact number. Once they receive your voucher, TotsBots will ring you to make your payment of £20 and will dispatch your nappies once this has gone through. If you have any queries, please call TotsBots on 0141 774 6437.

This special offer pack from Close Parent includes:

  • 5 x Bamboo Pop-In nappies - choose between bright colours or pastel colours
  • 2 x Dri-Night boosters
  • 1 x small wet nappy bag
  • 1 x roll of disposable liners
  • 10 x washable wipes
  • PLUS - voucher for 15% off your next order

Apply for your £30 voucher using the Online application: Real Nappy Incentive scheme form. Put on the form that you want your voucher sent direct to Close Parent. When it has been processed, voucher details will be sent to them. Meanwhile, you need to place your order and  make your payment of £20 + £3.95 shipping fee on the Close Parent Website - go to the Close Parent order page (Note: you will not be required to enter your voucher code number). They will then dispatch your nappies when the voucher details get through to them, usually within 7 days.

Or, if you already have your £30 discount voucher, and you do not wish to place your order on the website please ring 01992 554 045 to order your pack. You will need to quote the 'Gloucestershire Discount Pack' and give your specific voucher number. You can then arrange with Close Parent to make the £20 payment + £3.95 shipping fee to them. Then you will be required to post your voucher to the address they give you, to validate your application and Close Parent will dispatch your nappies once they receive it.

For more information, please see Close Parent website .

Bambino Mio nappy packThis special offer pack from Bambino Mio includes:
  • 4 x miosolo all-in-one nappies
  • 1 x miosoft two piece trial pack (size 1)
  • 1 x wet nappy bag
  • 3 x mioboost (nappy boosters)
  • 1 x pack of 50 mioliners (biodegradable nappy liners)

Note: Fabric designs can be chosen when ordering the pack.

Apply for your £30 voucher using the Online application: Real Nappy Incentive scheme. Specify on the form that you want your voucher sent direct to Bambino Mio. Once this has been processed, your voucher along with your contact details, will be sent direct to Bambino Mio, who will then contact you. A payment of £20 will be taken to complete your purchase and at this point you will be able to specify choice of fabric designs if you wish. Once payment has gone through, your pack should be with you in 3-5 working days. You can also receive 15% off your first Bambino Mio purchase after this by signing up to their newsletter.

For more information, please visit

Loan kits are not currently available due to Covid-19.



Real Nappy Help and Advice

Please contact us for help and advice on choosing and buying real nappies. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have once you get started with your nappies, on things like fitting, washing and overnight use.

Kirstie Clarke (covering Stroud District / Cheltenham Borough / Cotswold District): Email: or telephone: 07812 088706

Lucy Hague (covering Forest of Dean District / Tewkesbury Borough / Gloucester City): Email: or telephone: 07904 417532

Voucher scheme helpline:
Sally Scholefield
E-mail: or telephone: 0117 914 3447



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