Top tips when presenting plastic bottles and plastic packaging for collection

It's important to ensure that your recycling is properly prepared for collection. This ensures the maximum amount of your rubbish can be recycled... 


  • Leave caps, lids and tops on. If they stay on the container, they will get recycled
  • Squash bottles to save space
  • Empty and rinse bottles using leftover washing up water. Leftover foods or liquids can contaminate other recyclables. Liquid can also damage the machinery
  • Triggers can be left on when recycling cleaning product bottles such as bathroom cleaners, but soap bottle pumps need to be removed and disposed of in the rubbish bin


  • Remove food residue as this can contaminate other recyclables
  • Labels and lids can all be left on, but plastic film must be removed
  • Use left-over washing up water to rinse your plastic pots and tubs before recycling
  • Remove any film lids and absorbent pads from plastic trays and put these in household waste
  • Any cardboard or paper sleeves can be recycled separately

Make sure you check out your local council guidance for up-to-date rules where you are.

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