Top tips for reducing your plastics

Reducing your use of plastic may seem like a minefield - luckily, we've come up with some handy tips to help reduce your plastic usage.

  • Remember to take your own bags to the supermarket – they can be re-used multiple times and plastic carrier bags can be recycled at many supermarket collection points if you’re no longer able to use them
  • Many brands and retailers offer refill options for popular items such as cleaning products and laundry detergents – and remember to recycle the refills if you can
  • Stores that sell items without plastic packaging are becoming increasingly popular – check out if there are any in your area
  • Buy and continue to use your re-useable lunch box, hot drinks cup and drinks bottle – many retailers now offer money off incentives and refill options (subject to Covid restrictions)
  • Reduce use of cling film by using a plate on top of a bowl in the microwave and fridge
  • Say no to straws! If you are a real straw fanatic, bring your own stainless steel or glass straw and whip it out whenever you sit down for a refreshing drink on the go
  • We dispose of billions of coffee cups every year (mostly unrecyclable). Considering the massive environmental impact they have and how easy a swap it is, there is no excuse to not bring your own reusable cup!
  • Buying water in plastic bottles is expensive and the resources needed to make the bottle are not good for the environment. There are thousands of different reusable bottles out there – just search around to find one you like!
  • Always carry a reusable bag wherever you go. You never know when you might need it!

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