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Reducing your food waste

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The best way to reduce your food waste at home is simple. Make sure you eat what you buy. This is sometimes easier said than done, so here are our top tips for making sure you eat all of the food you bring into your home.

  • Eat every morsel of your food and get more value and nourishment from your food by eating and using all the edible parts and reduce what goes in the bin. Here are some great zero waste food recipes to try.
  • Eat all edible parts of your food - no need to peel carrots and potatoes, use outer cauliflower leaves in cauliflower cheese. You'll get greater value for the same price; help save food from being wasted and your meals will be packed with goodness!
  • Eat your leftovers - Left over dinners make the best lunches the next day served hot or cold. After you've finished your meal, pop your leftovers into container and pop it in the fridge or freezer to enjoy another day and keep it out of the bin. Here are some great leftover veg recipes if you want to mix things up! 
  • Make your own stock - Save veg peel and other edible bits you'd normally throw away & simmer in water for 20 mins. Freeze and use when required.
  • Remember to plan time to defrost your meat safely - many recipes work well using meat that's been frozen. Defrost in fridge overnight or in a microwave beforehand. 
  • Serving the right portions - use smaller plates when serving food, they will look full when the right portions are used vs being lost on a big plate creating temptation to serve too much.
  • Tackle kids not eating their food - ask them to help you prepare and cook the easier meals. When asked why they liked their food kids said, 'because I helped to make it!'.
  • Bring back serving dishes - encourage your crew to serve themselves a perfect portion. They can have seconds if still hungry, limiting any uneaten food on plates going in the bin


For any food you can't eat, make sure to recycle it using your weekly food waste collection. Find out more about waste & recycling collections in your area here. 


Page updated: 19/10/2022 Page updated by: Waste Management

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