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Find out how to shop for sustainable gifts this Christmas.

children's wooden building blocksChildren

Out with the old, in with the new. Why not ask your children to put together a bag of toys that they have outgrown and donate them, making space for new presents and giving the toys a second life. Do it on the first of December and another family may be able to buy it from a charity shop in time for Christmas. It could be day one of Elf on the shelf, or leave the stuff in a sack and Elf may appear. This would be a great tradition to start and help teach children the value of donating to help those in need.

Consider buying second hand for gifts. This is a great way to get something cheaper and reuse an item that was previously loved.

With smaller children think about buying one bigger gift rather than lots of little presents. Chances are they will be overwhelmed with too many presents so choosing one or two big things would help avoid presents not being played with.

Choose durable and versatile presents that will last them a long time. Things like building blocks, toy cars or animals that are suitable for a large age range.

Consider a trip to a shop to buy their own present with older children. Make it a whole day and have a hot chocolate or watch a play. Letting them choose the present will mean they get a gift that they have chosen and they should be more likely to use or play with the gift.


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