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Disposing of batteries 🔋

Batteries are explosive and can cause fires if crushed. That means that they should not go into general waste bins. In 2019 260 serious battery fires were recorded in bin lorries in the UK causing £100 million worth of damage!

These fires often cause road closures and delays, as well as damage to bin lorries that are taxpayer funded, so recycling your batteries properly can save everyone money and delays. 

❓ Did you know that up to 90% of the contents of some batteries can be recycled and used again.
❓ Some of the chemicals recovered from recycled batteries can end up in your washing powder.

How can I tell if my device has a battery? 

Not sure if your electronic device has a battery? Generally anything that is not corded (doesn't plug into the wall) will have a battery. If you need to recharge your device using a cable the device is likely to have an integrated battery. 

Integrated batteries may be harder to remove but you can often find instructions for removing batteries on the retailers website or on Youtube. 

If you cannot remove a battery, no worries. Just make sure you place your electrical item in the electricals recycling (either at your kerbside or an electricals recycling point) and the batteries will be carefully removed later. 

How can I help prevent fires?

What happens when I recycle batteries?

♻️ Firstly, dead batteries are deposited at a battery recycling point. These are often found in large shops or at local Household Recycling Centres.
🚛 When the recycling point is full, the batteries are collected safely and taken to a battery sorting facility
📦 The mixed batteries are sorted into their different types, depending on the materials they have inside them. They are packed up ready to be shipped on.
🚢 Most sorted batteries are sent overseas to a few large specialist processing plants, which take batteries from many other countries too
🛠️ The sorted batteries are dismantled using several different techniques. This allows the recyclers to extract materials like metals and plastics.
📱 The extracted materials are cleaned up and sold to manufacturers to be used in new things

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