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Car and van bookings for HRC visits

Only a resident’s own household waste can be accepted at a Household Recycling Centre, the deposit of commercial and/or industrial waste is a criminal offence.

All visits must be booked in advance using the online booking function.

Household Recycling Centres are provided to fulfil the council’s statutory obligation to provide places where residents may deposit their own household waste, Environmental Protection Act 1990 s 51 (1) b.

A person may only use a Gloucestershire County Council Household Recycling Centre if the waste to be deposited is household waste which they or a member of their household has generated from their own place of domestic residence

The deposit of any other waste from any other source is a criminal offence under s34 Environmental Protection Act 1990. This includes:

  • Waste produced by a business, or any other commercial activity, even one run from your own home
  • Waste produced by a tradesperson, even where it is waste produced from work dome to your own home
  • Waste from a landlord
  • Waste from a house clearance/waste clearance
  • Waste from a self-build and/or property renovation
  • Waste from a charity, club, or society
  • Waste from a private or community market, fair or event.
  • Waste from a school or other educational organisation
  • Waste from a care home or residential home

Gloucestershire County Council Household Recycling Centre additional site rules/information:

  • Gloucestershire County Council and their provider (Ubico Ltd) will monitor site usage and reserve the right to investigate any suspected breach of law. Details may be passed on to the relevant enforcement officers and/or third parties for criminal/civil prosecution.
  • Gloucestershire County Council reserves the right to restrict an identified individual’s access to a Household Recycling Centre at any time.
  • Gloucestershire County Council may restrict and/or adjust the number of available hourly booking slots at HRCs at any time.
  • Leaving waste outside the gates of any HRC is considered fly tipping. Details may be passed on to the relevant enforcement officers and/or third parties for criminal prosecution.
  • You may be asked to complete a trade waste disclaimer to confirm that the waste is Household Waste from your own home and is not being disposed of for profit.
  • Gloucestershire County Council has a policy of zero tolerance to violence, aggression, threatening behaviour or harassment toward staff/contractors or other site users. Any incidents will be recorded and investigated.
  • CCTV and ANPR systems are in operation at all Household Recycling Centres. Surveillance footage may be used as supporting evidence in connection with any suspected breach of law.
  • If untrue or misleading information is provided, whether express or implied, a person may be committing an offence of fraud by false representation under Section 2 of the Fraud Act 2006. This offence is liable to penalties in the Magistrates Court of imprisonment for up to 12 months or a fine of £5,000 (or both) and to penalties in the Crown Court of imprisonment for up to 10 years or a fine (or both).
Page updated: 08/06/2022 Page updated by: Waste Management

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